For quotation please send us specifications including:
•    Type of wood
•    Size of panel
•    Thickness
•    Grade of face veneer or film
•    Glue type
•    Volume per item
•    Special requirements ( if you have) 
•    Port / Point of destination

Most of the birch plywood supplied by meets California Air Resource Board (CARB Phase 2) ULEF standard and is rated as E1, very low formaldehyde release. 

Birch Plywood is available with FSC certificationand and meets EUTR standards.

All our plywood meets EN 314-2:1993 Class 1, 2 or 3 and some plywood has EN 13986: 2004 - CE-marking, the Construction Product Directive (CPD) and BFU-100 Certificates

Russian GOST 3916.1-96 and 3916.2-96 certificates of Conformity. 

Management system certificates as per ISO 9001 : 2008 / 2015

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Grade "B": Solid-piece surface has light and uniform colour. A few small pin knots and some brown streaks are allowed. Veneer of this grade is intended for natural finishes. Patches are not allowed. The majority of Grade B veneers are the equivalent of the American “white birch” faces. 

Grade "BB": Solid-piece face has light and uniform colour. A few sound tight knots are permitted. Open knots and defects are eliminated and replaced with small oval or round veneer patches before gluing. The veneer selected for the patch is of the same colour as the basic face veneer. Generally there are very few patches per face and many users purchase this grade for natural finishes.

Grade "CP"Solid-piece face is very close to Grade BB in quality. Thin splits are allowed. The oval or round patch may have a different colour than the face veneer. There are more patches per face allowed than in Grade BB.

Grade "C": Open defects such as open knots and veneer splits are allowed. Sanding is not required. Recommended for the building of containers and dust panels; can be used for crating and in manufacturing, where construction and strength are more important than the appearance.

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The table below provides the panel sizes, which are typical for the most Russian manufacturer. 

Metric, mm Feet Inches Comments
1525 x 1525 5 x 5 60 x 60
1220 x 2440 4 x 8 48 x 96 long grain
1525 x 3050 5 x 10 60 x 120 short grain
1830 x 1525 6 x 5 72 x 60
2440 x 1830 8 x 6 96 x 72
*Cut to size supply and other special sizes are also available.

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Plywood packing and container loading. Reference plywood sheet/crate/container weight, area and volume data.

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  • Furniture
  • Formwork systems 
  • Truck and lorry floors
  • Light-weight trailers
  • Horse transportation vehicles
  • LNG carriers, cargo containment
  • Transport/flight cases
  • Billboards
  • Packaging applications
  • Die boards
  • Playground equipment
  • Toys
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The technological process of plywood manufacture consists of the following operations:

  • Veneer peeling and drying

  • Application of glue to veneer

  • Preliminary cold pre-pressing

  • Hot pressing

  • Trimming

  • Sanding

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