Our people and plywood expertise allow us to deliver critical materials with unmatched reliability.

Getting the right products and services for mission-critical projects is paramount, but plywood can't move itself.       PLYWOOD.RU provides the industries wide range of birch plywood from Russia.  

PLYWOOD.RU is happy to provide you with efficient and prompt customer support. Our Services include extensive product information, timely price quotes, trace for your shipments, on-time delivery and more. Transparency, flexibility and accuracy in our solutions to all your plywood purchasing needs. Go global and grow your customer base.



 Birch plywood core plies

Product knowledge

Plywood.ru has a lot of product knowledge. We offer specific training for employees of our customers, so they can help their customers with the best advice. It will result in better customer relationships. 

If you need a specialty product or service we don’t offer, we maintain a strong network of reliable sub-vendors to meet your needs. We are always ready to deliver on your specific project needs—and it’s all part of Plywood.ru.

Custom made solutions

Does our partner need a special overlay or a different size or maybe a taylor made panel according to a design? The cut to size plywood details can save a lot of hassles for the end users. Cut to size birch plywood with professional CNC cutting services available. PLYWOOD.RU can offer custom made birch plywood in specific cases.

 Birch plywood samples

 Plywood delivery by containers

Logistic and Project Support.

We can deliver your order to almost any location worldwide, on every continent. Plywood delivery methods include containers, trucks and ocean freight. Delivery terms includes CFR, CIF, CPT, DAP, DDP according to Incoterms-2010. We do our best to select the least expensive method of delivery that meets your requirements. 

Plywood.ru is utilizing a strategic global partnerships to provide reliable truck and ocean freight services worldwide.

Direct Mill Shipment

We will handle all logistics and customs formalities, from the mill, to your destination.

We offer direct shipping from the manufacturer. Door to door deliveries from Russian mills directly to our customers allow us minimize delivery costs and the selling prices as a result of it.

Besides cost reduction Direct Shipment provides the possibility to load exact assortment of products, as you required, into container or truck. Container is moving from the supplier up to the final destination without opening the doors, which guarantees that the goods have not been damaged during unloading and reloading process.

For direct shipments we inform our customers about delivery schedules and estimated time of arrival of the goods in port of destination. Export documentation will be prepared for every order. On your request we can arrange customs procedure for your shipments.

 Plywood delivery by trucks