Birch plywood Packing

Packaging prevents panels from being damaged during transportation. 



Sheets of birch plywood are packed into bundles. Each bundle is packed from all sides in covers* and is tightened with polyester/ steel bands.

Cardboard, fiberboard or plywood are used for protecting bundles top / bottom and edges.

8x4 birch plywood.PNG
5x5 birch plywood.PNG
5x10 birch plywood.PNG


Each plywood bundle has label consisting the following information:

  • Plywood manufacturer: Mill identification
  • Plywood product type Birch, softwood, filmfaced
  • Dimensions: width x length х thickness mm
  • Glue type: WBP, MR
  • Surface quality for birch plywood: sanded, unsanded; for film-faced plywood: color and density of film
  • Volume of bundle in m3
  • Number of sheets in a bundle
  • Production / Packing date
  • Certifications

Container capacity

The loading container capacities of various plywood panels are given in the table.

 birch plywood in 40' container